Forever Friends

Just as the ink flows from this pen... As i write, the pain flows from within. Like tears on a rainy day, all that is inside is disguised. Covered with laughter, silly jokes and a shy pride, I continue to defend.

The best friend one could acquire... never needing a favor in return is what I admire. Listening, no interruptions, forever understanding, no abruptions.... Open me up and we are read the same...I empty my soul onto each of your pages. And as the chapters unfold , my heart moves closer to a state of peace, I give you company and you so faithfully continue to give me releif ...

My serious face lol

My serious face lol

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Lover, My Educated Brotha

Orgasms...frequent as the sensation you give deepens. My educated brotha, a style like no other...

Loving how you bless me. Never tease me, Forever pleasing me.

Send me on a high, make my body cry...out loud for more. Legs tremblin beneath me begging you for more. Penetrate my walls like ya genius penetrates my thoughts.

Holding my hands as you go... deeper and deeper.

Teach me.

Believe me when I say... its one of a kind. Nothin more beautiful than our love combined, intertwined.

Rewind...I wanna do it again. I Relax and unwind as you kiss me slowly from my neck down my spine.

Whisper in ya ear how good it feels... Grasp hold of you tight...I'm anxious... .

From my belly button down to my pearl... as you caress it... Ya bottom lip to my bottom careful, delicate, wet. From ya brow, I wipe ya sweat ....please... don't stop yet. I wanna live in this moment


Bodies So close I can feel ya heart beat. Make me moan, make me scream. Make music with me me go crazy.

Indulge me in ya intellectual conversation. Allowing me to compliment ya whit ....this unbeatable word play... you get, from no other...

I daydream about educated brotha, a love like no other... Around you, nothing else exists... Please continue, I insist.

Though you're distant... consistantly, I... carry mental pictures of the curves in ya lips... sweet kisses n how I can't resist.

One of a kind. My love, my...educated brotha. Till we meet again, I sit back ...n reminisce...

Monday, April 21, 2008

What You Make IT

Love is what you make it.
You can accept it, change it, or even choose to break it.
You can work at it or let it fade.
You can even ignore it or simply give it away.
You can run from it,
You can loose it,
Inside you'll die from it, if you choose to abuse it.
You can like it or hate it,
But love will always and only be what YOU make it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Nigga = Ignorance

"Nigga what the fuck you gone do!?"
I hear from across the room as loud as thunder.
I begin to shake my head, sadly not in disbelief ... yea, I knew it was comin.

Why does it have to be this way? As if the spotlight isn't already turned toward "our kind"
I'm disgusted at the situations we create and mostly the words that surround them.
"Nigga", prime example"...
What would MLK think? And sadly at the same time I'm thinkin to myself ..."damn, these niggas crazy..."
I shrug my shoulders and walk away...
"Shit, It's not like that Nigga was talkin to me anyway."

How would we begin to fix a problem rooted so deep?
The apple never falls too far from the tree, you might think you escaped but you still right around the corner.
Can we have our own minds?
Will our skin color always indicate we're symbolically blind?
We never find time...

Willie Lynch and his damn letters
Got us all fucked up for what seems like will be forever...
I apologize, I guess I should be watchin my language, you know try not to get too eager
...Fuck that, who cares? Cause I AM... uh um... I mean I AIN'T No Nigga!

Shit, I can still recite the lyrics to that Jay-Z joint from back in the '90's ...
But you trippin if u ask what we covered just last week in political science.
Don't Blame me ... uuh, blame my situation.
At least thats what we like to say right? instead of facin our own...
We say it's someone elses fault that we DON'T know.

Instead of pickin up a book
We pick up the remote and turn on the TV... BET.
Don't trip... You watchin that shit as I speak.
At least I know my dail is turned to that station, soooo...
Um yea, I'm cool I just wish 106 would play the whole video

Is that the most with what we are concerned???
What about politricks? "Poli what?" My bad, I meant Politics...
You think "What that got to do with me?"
I can even relate... remembering a time where I could care less
Until the day I strapped up my combat boots, Kevlar, n LBE...
I'm no longer livin in my own world. This reality was slowly created by me.

Turnin to ya boy while lightin a cigarette... "damn, they still aint catch Barack Obama yet?"
Yeah Nigga was the right word. Ignorance is an epidemic.
This shit is ubsurd. Generation to generation.
You damn right I'm hatin.

What would It take for you to see...
I AINT NO nigga... damn it I'm free.
Naw mayne... I don't expect to convince you otherwise
We..."I AM a nigga" ... in our own eyes.
Did I say that right? Anyway It don't matter...
Go ahead, chastise, criticize, correct me, and debate....
I'm cool the day the Nigga looses the urge to EmUlAtE.

Niggas come in all shapes, sizes, and colors...
Who said they couldn't find work?
They even got that nigga George Bush runnin the country.
While our children are getting killed and searching for "weapons of mass destruction"...
We are more concerned with who R. Kelly is fuckin.

Which generation will erase this stereotypical figure . Shit, not me...
Cause I AM... uh um... I mean I AIN'T No Nigga!
When will...How could we ever find the time?
I really don't expect to convince you otherwise...
You see...

WE ARE NIGGAS ... even in OUR OWN eyes.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

My Addiction


I need it in the day
I need it in the night
I still feel it around after a meaningless fight.
I want it next to me ... In my sleep ... in my dreams
I want it in me, it completes me...even tho its neva what it seems :-)

It keeps me going when when the going gets tough
It keeps me coming back for more when the loving gets rough

If I had my pick of only one emotion to keep
I would choose love cause it's roots are planted so deep
It can't go away or be set aside for later
It's always present and with you, gracefully it ages

Love is kind and if its true, I guarantee it will never ignore you
Even when faced wit a hard decision, it makes the right choice for you.

Whether it be good or bad...
I'm always coming back for more.
I LOVE love...I'm in love with love!... it's what I'm here for! :-)

I pieced this together... not done wit it! I like it but then I don't lol. It's whateva tho I wrote it! :-)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Intimidation Is a Bitch

Intimidation is a bitch...
I open my mouth and you immediately get the urge to switch...
Switch conversations, I sadly find relations
In how my words flow and the way your body language goes.
Is it that I am too much for you? Or did I just catch you off guard?
Because I am a black woman I guess you find it hard,
Hard to believe that I can indeed intellectually take you there.
Its funny because for a moment you begin to stare...
Studying me as if I were material for a quiz
Let me guess, you want to know exactly how that is?
Let me remind you that this isn't year 1823...
I know my way around a book ... oh yes I can read.
I can read you backwards, left, sideways, and right...
And with the pages turned you're the one not looking so bright.
Get used to the fact of me being here.
I intend to move up...its time for you to overcome that fear.
That fear that I can actually do what you do...
I'm sorry, the fear that I can do it better because I'm nobody's fool.
Pick up your jaw, you may as well get used to me
Intimidation is a bitch...
Thank God I'm not even close to what you expected I would be.

Friday, November 16, 2007

So Sorry For Your Loss

I just heard that your baby boy passed away
I'm so sorry, wish there was something I could do... something I could say.
Even though words won't take away the pain
They might bring a bit of ease ... I don't know, maybe lessen the strain.
I can't imagine what you and yours must be going through
...and I won't pretend to either.
With so much going wrong, I know it's hard to stay a believer...
But I'm hoping that you will get down on your knees
and Pray to God that he might help you to see...
And if you are not strong enough to do this just yet
I'll do It for you... and for as long as you need.
Though I know your eyes may never find these words,
Want to sincerely let you know that indeed...
you still and will always have a friend in me.

Betrayal of My Heart

There is an everlasting battle fought between my heart and my mind
One thinking rationally while the other is simply blind.
The blind makes the decisions without thinking twice...
While leaving the rational forever looking to another for word of advice.
My heart leaves my body cold and ALONE to take the fall
If only there was a possibility ... room for a scuffle, even a single brawl...
I would tell it to just keep it's damn sensations, feelings, and emotions... simply leave me be!
I don't need any help because all its gotten me into is a pile of shit thats waist deep.
It's always right and at the same time wrong, Damn...motha fucka' just leave me the hell alone...
Yo' once the shit seemingly hits the fan, my heart is nowhere to be found
Of course then, I quickly make my move... I escape when that ass aint around
A few weeks, months of independence, Shit, I'm proud as I can be
But soon It returns, as will I... back to being naive, blind me.